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about me
what is your favorite?
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how you became a fan.
why you think the boys are so special
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This is how I bacame a huge fan of nsync and what I think makes them so special, who I prefer, and my insperation.

I was in the sixth grade and one of my friends showed me a book of them and I thought they were kinda cute at first then I started to have dreams of them. Them I started to buy books and posters of them, them when I was in seventh grade my grandma bought my twin and I some tickets to see them when they were in Pheonix for the Pop tour and I was screaming my head off! And now they cover my cover my bed and walls, becaues I have the bed spreed and pillows. Then I thought I'd have more fun and put up a website dedicated just to them.
I think they are very approchable with their fans and they take the time to sign pictures and allways do anything to help out, and I think thats why they are so special.
Chris is my favorite becaues he is so beautiful, he's allways so happy and I thought he looked good with his hair braided but goodness look at him now he's even better looking.
The song I like is Its ganna be me and the cd is no stings attached because of the energy in both the song and cd.
They all inspire me in a way, because they went after what they want, and I think we all should not matter what gets in our way, just push it a side and keep giong, but Chris has inspired me the most of all. In more ways than one in fact, but the most important is the way he started out at the bottem of the food chain, and ended up at the top. So I have just one question in mind 'how did you do it?' After all they went through how could you not say there'er the best there ever was, and ever will be. You guys are the best ever, and I stand by you all the way. Good job guys, and good luck to you all.