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who do you prefer?
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tell me who you like the most and why, don't forget your first name. E-mail it to me.

By Jamie,
I think Lance is the best.  he's soooooooooo cute!

By Claire,
I agree completely With Jamie, Lance is a total hottie and deserves more attention. He is sweet, kind, loving, and would make a perfect boy friend, and he is such a great actor!!!! (check out ''on the line'' if you  haven't already done so...) I'm so sick of  hearing about Justin and J.C. I mean those guys are darn amazing too, but Lance is hardly ever talked about, and I maen, he's amazing enough to carry out his childhood dream of going up into outer space, so I give him total credit. I LOVE HIM!!! (He's my idea of a PERFECT boyfriend for me.)

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